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We are excited to confirm our list of speakers who will be presenting at GDevCon#4 in Glasgow!

Keep popping back to find out more as information is updated.


Please be aware these are working titles and subject to change.

We need to reserve the right to change the list of presentations without notice to keep our flexibility.

Allen C Smith

A Class Act: Apply a Few Simple Design Patterns to Improve Your Code Quality

We’ve had access to object-oriented programming in LabVIEW since 2006, but not every application needs a fully realized object-oriented solution. For those that don’t, the judicious use of a few simple OO design patterns can simplify our work, improve modularity and testability, and deliver cleaner, more easily understood code, all while preserving the look and feel of “traditional” LabVIEW. We will draw on real-world solutions to explore the Template Method, the Factory, the Aggregator, and the State Pattern, and learn how those patterns evolve from and interact with traditional LabVIEW applications.

Allen C Smith has been using the NI platform to solve complex engineering challenges for 30 years.
*He is a Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified Embedded Developer, Instructor, and LabVIEW Champion.
*He has been an NI Partner, worked for Alliance Partners, and served as a Systems Engineer with National Instruments. He is once again an NI Partner, offering services as a consulting software architect and engineer.
*While at NI, he developed the software tool support and official training course for the Actor Framework. He remains an AF evangelist and active member of the AF community.

Hunter Smith & Tom McQuillan

Extreme LabVIEW Style Showdown: A fiery debate of LabVIEW style

Iker Segovia Revilla

How to successfully scale User Interfaces in LabVIEW

James Powell

An Application as multiple interacting Executables

Jesper Sorenson

Communicating intent through the VI Icon

Jim Kring

LabVIEW Anywhere: Writing a graphical dataflow program compiler in G

John Medland

LabVIEW and Augmented Reality - Maybe the "real" treasure was the voxels we rendered along the way

Leah Edwards

Optimizing Team Software Development

Since each software development team faces unique challenges, their processes and practices are tailored to their specific needs and goals. This panel discussion brings together members of different LabVIEW software development teams to share practical advice and real-world examples of what works for them. We will explore how teams arrived at their processes, and the factors they considered when making those decisions.

Leah Edwards is a Senior Electronics Integration Engineer at Dyson in Malmesbury in the UK. She uses LabVIEW to test new features in early prototypes of Dyson products, alongside 20 other engineers in the team. She is a version control evangelist and has written a docs-as-code tool for the team that she is really proud of.
In the past, some of the more random things she has created with LabVIEW are an electronic instrument that makes music from dry ice, and a robot that never loses at noughts and crosses.

Maarten Scherjon

The LabVIEW node in python, RLI

Matthias Baudot

I shouldn't have, but I could, so I did!

Natan Biesmans

GPU computing made easy with G²CPU

Olivier Jourdan

Use docs as code approach to document your LabVIEW projects

Peter Horn

Building a standardised development process on top of a continuously evolving platform

Petru Tarabuta

Error Manager: A free, open-source, reusable, asynchronous module for handling errors

The Error Manager is a stand-alone, asynchronous LabVIEW module that can help log LabVIEW errors to file, display new error details to the user, and display the chronological or inverse-chronological list of errors that occurred since the module started. The module is framework-agnostic, reusable from project to project, and can keep working even when being “spammed” with many instances of the same error (spam protection functionality). Using the Error Manager in a new application helps ensure out-of-the-box robust and reliable error handling.

I’m a Test Systems Engineer that has experience with LabVIEW, TestStand, C#.NET, SQL, and with NI and non-NI hardware devices. I have been using LabVIEW since 2013, have been a CLA since 2017, and CPI since 2023. I help customers implement test systems through my company, Robusto Systems. I created two free and open-source right-click menu plugins for LabVIEW, available on VIPM: “Free Label To VI Description” and “New VI From Template”. I’m a chess lover and amateur player (around 2100 ELO) and would enjoy socialising over blitz games if the opportunity arises.

Richard Thomas

Industrial Communications and LabVIEW - Where Do We Stand? (a crowd sourced review)

Don’t underestimate the complexity of industrial communications protocols, nor the completeness of LabVIEW toolkits for supporting these. This presentation collates crowd-sourced data on the woes and wahays of integrating National Instruments systems into an industrial network, providing any developer with an up to date and pragmatically authored review of the state of current capabilities and maybe a brief look into the future.

Dr. Richard Thomas, a founding member of GDevCon and the ALA, LabVIEW Champion, CLA and CLED, has worked with LabVIEW and NI systems for nearly 25 years, in various roles from Academia, Consultancy to Production Engineering, with experience in several industry sectors.

Sam Sharp

Let's Talk About Security - Integrating Security into Software Development

Wiebe Walstra

Searching LabVIEW like a graph

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