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GDevCon Spin-Offs

At the end of 2017, we set out to create a series of events that is all about world-class graphical programming, organised by the community for the community. From the very beginning, we were planning to cater to the global LabVIEW community and host these events in different locations all over Europe and eventually world-wide.

Four years later, we are happy to say that the community has taken on and like-minded #LabVIEWfriends have started to put in the effort (which is enormous, nobody knows better than us) to offer similar events in other parts of the world, affiliated to but independent from our original GDevCon Alliance. 


North Americas premier graphical developers conference took place for the third time in Golden, Colorado, in July 2023.

"We used to have an NI sponsored CLD summit and NI Days in Denver every year. NI has decided they are no longer going to host those types of events (in Denver or elsewhere). We have an active user group in Denver and we decided we wanted to replace the CLD Summit. Several of us were impressed by what GDevCon had done over in Europe, so we reached out to them. After some discussion, we decided to do something similar over here."

"We want to provide a independent space for the community to get together and share ideas on how we can all be better at our craft. We want to provide a space for the types of presentations that might not make the cut at an NI sponsored event. Instead of focusing on individual skills we would like to focus on team development. We’d also like to provide an opportunity for some new voices to be heard. Use the button below to read more about our principles in detail."

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